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This question has been asked countless thousands of times at the track. Handicapping a race has meant trying to select the most likely winner. Most horseplayers, even today, approach betting this way. But this is NOT the way to make profits; it is the way to lose your bankroll.

"Losers think of selecting the winner and beating a race.
Professionals think of betting for value and beating the races."

Barry Meadow, "Money Secrets at the Racetrack", p.31


The hottest concept in handicapping these days is VALUE BETTING. In its simplest form, value handicapping means that the bettor handicaps the win contenders in a race and then ranks them by the probability of each horse's chance of winning. The win probablility is then converted into mathematically equivalent "fair odds". Let's say you have three win contenders in a race:

HORSEWin Probability Fair Odds Track Odds Overlay WIN BET
Horse A 50%1-1 3-5NONO
Horse B 25%3-15-2NONO
Horse C20%4-18-1YESYES

To make profits at the races, you must make value bets. That is, you must bet ONLY on OVERLAYS, horses whose track odds are higher than their chance of winning, as shown by their fair odds. If you bet on underlays, horses whose track odds are lower than their chance of winning (fair odds), you are doomed to lose over time. In the example above, Horse C is the win bet; odds should be 4-1, but the public has overlooked this horse, and the smart bettor gets 8-1

"The secret of" making money at the racetrack......
is to exploit errors in the crowd's line (track odds)

Meadow, p.1

"Value Handicapping represents a resurrection of sound gambling principles based on wagering only when the potential return is greater than the investor's risk. No human or super-human can make a profit at the races by betting underlays.

And no one in their right mind should be betting at all if they've not learned to distinguish between a bet of value and an underlay. As Dick Mitchell has said, handicappers who restrict all bets to overlayscannot help but win in the long run."

Mark Cramer, "Value Handicapping", p.14

To discover the overlays (value bets), you must have an ACCURATE fair odds betting line. This is VALULINE.

An intelligent horseplayer can construct a reasonably accurate fair odds betting line, but how many do it? It is a time consuming process which must be done after handicapping the win contenders. Will you do it?

Overlays are awaiting the smart horse player at all the major tracks now available for betting. With VALULINE, America's best betting line, you have the opportunity to discover these overlays and make only value bets.

"Betting overlays consistently will lead to long-term profit..."
Tim Osterman, Meadow's Racing Monthly, p.17


VALULINE provides a fair odds betting line daily for virtually all race tracks in North America. The win contenders in each race are listed by the official track programnumberand their VALULINEfair odds.

Without VALULINE, you will not be able to discover the overlays necessary for you to profit. Not knowing the fair odds, you will lose your bankroll betting underlays.

The THOROUGHBRED VALULINE is the output of a very sophisticated econometric computer program, which is the result of years of professional research and testing. VALULINE's objective is to make horse race betting profitable. VALULINE provides the tool and the method (betting strategies) to achieve this objective.

Simply compare VALULINE odds to track odds, discover the overlays, and bet to win. Bet ONLY win contenders whose track odds are higher than their VALULINE odds. For example, a horse which is 3-1 on VALULINE and 9-2 on the track tote is a value bet.

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