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Endorsements by Professional Handicapping Experts
Drs. Johnson and Kenley fine-tuned their econometric model with the help of noted handicapping experts. Following is a partial list of professional handicappers who endorse Valuline:

  • Tom Brohamer, pace expert and author of Modern Pace Handicapping.
  • Ron Cox, publisher of Northern California Track Record.
  • Tim Osterman, publisher of Handicapper's Weekly.
  • Lee Tomlinson, publisher of Mudder's and Turfers.
  • Paul Braseth, publisher of Northwest Track Review.
  • M. Scott McMannis, Chicago area racing journalist and frequent contributor to Horseplayer Magazine.
  • William Murray, author of many books on horse racing and contributor to Daily Racing Form.
  • Rod Young, publisher of Turfdom.

After Wayne Atwell, a first-time entrant and user of Valuline, won the Cal-Neva tournament (World Championship of Race Horse Handicapping) in 1996, Sam Spear, Northern California media racing personality, introduced Valuline.

With the growth of the Internet and personal computer use, Drs. Johnson and Kenley allowed Valuline to be "taken public." Since 1997, Valuline has been handicapping almost all of North America's thoroughbred tracks daily.

The Thoroughbred Valuline is now available daily on this web site. All major race tracks are handicapped daily, also including many minor circuits. This provides the user with the complete race meetings of over 80 tracks per year.

 Customer Comments

"I use your program quite often... I had a big day and netted $30,000 using your selections, with the correct horses coming up on the first 8 races, with big payoffs in the exactas. In the first, I had a $30 exacta that returned almost $800; I hit two pick three's; I hit several $10 exactas, and for $64 using your choices, hit the pick 6 that paid over $27,000. A most profitable day, and thank you." D.D.S. , Prairie Meadows, IA

"The overlay indicators are especially good, and the addition of the favorite indicators has been great...I think the program has lots of potential in helping reduce the overall handicapping process of an entire card." T.B. , Mountain View, CA

"You have pulled together an exceptional package that should well serve global handicappers, hard-core or dilettante...A brilliant accomplishment. Well done! It's exceptional and lucrative." Dr.K.R. , Newport Beach, CA

"Your selection process is quite sound and runner performance has been very good with some nice-priced winners among your contenders. Congratulations." T.O. , Las Vegas, NV

"You should be proud of your work as it is obviously a tool that can be used profitably at the races." D.M. , Redwood City, CA

"Just writing to let you know I was lucky enough to purchase the Hawthorne card last Sunday and got that $107 winner plus the sixth race Double. I also purchased this past Sunday's card for Hawthorne and had another great day." K.B. , Palatine, IL

"Thanks and keep up the good work. I have tried the other services, but the disciplined approach offered by the TVL odds gives me hope that I might actually come out ahead in the long run!" B.C. , Los Angeles, CA

"Congratulations on your Belmont picks! You had some day! I still follow your choices and think Valuline's methodology is one of the best. Keep up the good work." S.R. , Clayton, CA

"You are to be congratulated. I don't know how anyone can make a pari-mutuel bet without (knowing) true odds. For a time, I attempted to produce my own line, but (calculating it) became quite a nuisance." T.D. , E. Rutherford, N.J.

"I have read many articles on horse racing. The amount of information available is staggering. I have found that the computer technology devoted to racing is far more advanced than that available for other sports...With the opportunities available betting multiple tracks with a phone account, I can certainly understand your choice (to use Valuline)...I have no interest in wasting time studying handicapping methods if eventually I will reach the conclusion that Valuline is the way to go. Maybe it is the complete answer to the puzzle. Better to try Valuline first, and then make a decision." B.S. , Davis, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your race card for Santa Anita for the fist time. I was amazed that your selections won every Daily Double, Every Triple, and the Pick Six that paid $20,489.60." D.C. , Mendota, CA

"I like your service. I'm too busy and tired to read the Form like I used to, not that I could pick that many winners from it anyway. With the Valuline as a guide, I'm right [into] the action as soon as I get to the track. It also keeps me from getting distracted by all the other racing going on. I bring one download for the live racing, or, if Bay Meadows is dark, whatever simulcast I choose. I buy the Form there and mull over your selections, and relax." H.C. , San Carlos, CA

"I played the TVL betting line at Saratoga race course Sat. and Sun. I made a profit on Sat. Aug. 21, 1999. I went back on Sun. Aug. 22, 1999...I made a nice score in the 9th race winning on a horse named Susan McGrath: $53 to win, $19 to place, and $11.20 to show. I also used TVL's other picks in the 9th race which gave me the exacta that paid $279.50. It was a nice day thanks to the people at TVL. Keep up the good work." J. DeM. , Round Lake, N.Y.

"You guys amaze me. I am a long time student of Howard Sartin, and I am familiar with most of the horse racing literature, expecially the Sartin students: Mike Pizzola, Bob Purdy, etc. But, I keep coming back to you. Tonight at Lone Star, you had 3 of the first 5, one of your picks was blocked by a thrown horse, and another came in second. Then the hail came, and the park was closed. Keep up the good work." B.C., Coppell, TX.

"Your selections for Gulfstream, Sunland Park, Tampa Bay Downs, and Turf Paradise really produce winners for me. So far, I have always won betting your selections to win. Keep up the excellent work." R.D., New York, NY.

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