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VALULINE REPORTS are issued daily for almost all of the thoroughbred race tracks in North America. They are available before the day's races. All major circuits in the United States are fully covered throughout the year. For an alphabetical listing of all tracks handicapped, see Tracks.

The Thoroughbred Valuline is sold exclusively through Equibase TrackMaster. For your convenience, you can purchase them by clicking here.

  • The Valuline Report

    This is our basic and primary report.

    A list of the win contenders in each race (every horse with a 10% or higher chance of winning) for every track, by official track program number and The Valuline's fair odds.  Valuline odds have been improved over time and are now almost a perfect representation of a win contender's chance of winning.

    Here's a condensed illustration of how The Valuline is presented for each race:

    Del Mar - Thursday - August 10, 2006

    DMR-2 5.5f DIRT        Twelve Horses
     P#                      WP    TVL    
     4 RAGING                22%   7/2     
     5 SWEET FOREVER         14%   6/1    
     9 SUN STREAKED          14%   6/1    
     6 DAISYKILLER           13%   7/1       

    The chance of winning (win probability "WP") determines The Valuline (TVL) odds.  In this race, there are four win contenders.  These are the only horses eligible to be bet to win.  The other horses are "tossed," because of an insufficient chance to win.

    The win bet is determined by track odds - underlays to TVL odds are passed, overlays are bet to win.  In this race, RAGING was 3/1 track odds, and SUN STREAKED was 7/2.  Both were passed as underlays.  SWEET FOREVER was scratched.  This left only DAISYKILLER at 55/1, and a huge overlay (700%).  (DAISYKILLER won the race)


  • Pace and Speed Report - Free

    For the enjoyment of Valuline users, because it provides an OVERVIEW of how the race is likely to be run, this is a list of pace and speed horses in each race at every track handicapped by Valuline. It offers significant advantages to bettors in situations of "pace" or "closing" track bias.
    This Report is included FREE with each track's daily Valuline Report.


  • The Top Ten Value Bets

    A list of the day's ten best potential value bets - largest overlays - as selected from all of the horses in all of the races at all of the major tracks handicapped by Valuline.


  • Exotic Key Plays

    A list of the day's Stand-Out horses selected from all of the tracks handicapped by Valuline. These horses should not be left out of your exotic wagers because they are today's most likely horses to win or place.

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